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‘Bond with your parents this Valentine’s Day’ - Gorakhpur

‘Bond with your parents this Valentine’s Day’  - Gorakhpur
Akhil Yog Vedanta Seva Samiti, which is working to safeguard Indian culture and social values, is planning to launch a campaign against Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Members of the organisation are visiting schools and colleges telling students that relationships before marriage were not proper and against Indian culture.

The members are appealing to students to distance themselves from western culture and spend time with their parents and pay them due respect.

“Our drive is aimed at preserving the rich Indian culture by inculcating moral values in young generation. Valentine’s Day is a tradition adopted from western country which is against our culture. If someone has to express love, who else could be the better choice than parents,” asked Madhu Dwivedi, member of the women’s wing of the organisation.

“We are trying to inculcate among the youth a feeling of respect and love towards their parents,” she said.

Before Valentine’s Day, the members are trying to cover 100 schools. On February 14, the organisation will hold a programme where about 100 children will worship their parents. The programme is being organised at Budhiya Mata Mandir.

Prem Lata, a school teacher, said that such initiatives were the need of the hour as the younger generation should be made aware about the objective of life.



  • 7 Feb 2016
  • Hindustan Times (Lucknow)
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