A Campaign By Asharam Ji Bapu for the Global Well-Being

Parents Worship Day on 14th February is a historic campaign initiated by Sain Asharam Ji Bapu over a decade. According to Him, the way Valentine's Day is being celebrated all over the world is damaging to the lives of the younger generation; replacing it with appreciating Parents on this day, is the practical way out.

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Social Media Coverage

On this Parents Worship Day, the hashtag named #HappyParentsWorshipday gave a strong competition to the hashtags like #HappyValentinesDay. The tag trended on top in the morning of 14th February.
The buildup to the main event saw hashtags like #CountdownToParentsWorshipDay , #14Feb_ParentsWorshipDay trending successfully which made the tweeple aware of the divine initiative. In Facebook also it was trending.
These trends were picked up by national newspapers as well with the headlines.